WP Cleaning Solutions strongly believes in the importance of mold inspection and mold prevention. BioBarrier prevention is the healthiest, most cost efficient way to fight mold growth.

Mold is a fungus that flourishes in high moisture or high humidity conditions. Mold can be found almost anywhere, and there is no way to get rid of all mold spores from your environment. You can however, control and prevent harmful mold by keeping your home area dry and applying a good microbial barriers to surfaces. Prevention is not only the ideal way to fight mold but the healthiest, most cost efficient way. You can’t always know of moisture issues in your home but you can have the peace of mind that your home structure is protected. Along with providing polyethylene vapor barrier and crawl space encapsulation services, WP Cleaning Solutions, Inc. is a registered applicator of Endurance BioBarrier.

What is Endurance BioBarrier?

It is a mold preventive application that utilizes a BioDoor Dual Layer Formula which uses a microscopic; high-tech polymer to blend a proprietary blend of EPA registered biocides and fungicides to virtually any indoor or outdoor surface. In short, EBB creates an invisible barrier which coats and protects your homes surfaces, killing 99.9% of mold and bacteria within 48 hours. It prevents regrowth of mold and bacteria through hundreds of wet dry cycles, so you can have peace of mind your home is protected in case of that unexpected leak or moisture intrusion.

cache_947478094Endurance BioBarrier has been certified to be non-toxic by Duke Medical School, being safe for people, pets, plants, and is applicable on all surfaces. It is made in the USA and comes with a warranty guarantee. To learn more about Endurance BioBarrier please call us or you can visit the Endurance BioBarrier website at www.endurancebiobarrier.com.

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