Moisture Control

Did you know that 33-56 percent of the air that you breathe inside your home originates in your crawl space? Most people are surprised by that statistic, but it is very true. Although Encapsulating your crawl space is the best option to take in order to make your home healthier and more energy efficient, installing a vapor barrier can help astronomically in most cases.

Vapor Barrier

cache_947480071If your home lacks a proper moisture barrier in the crawl space it is almost guaranteed that you have a moisture problem and likely fungal growth. At a minimum all crawlspaces should have a polyethylene barrier, commonly referred to as moisture barrier in the crawlspace that has sealed vents. Many homes that do have a polyethylene barrier have either an inadequate grade of barrier or coverage. It is common to see .6 mil polyethylene placed in a majority of crawlspaces, and/or less then 100 percent coverage. This has been found to fall short of its intended purpose. To protect your home, you should not only have 100 percent coverage but also a higher grade then .6 mil. Polyethylene at .6 mil, is not thick enough to barrier high moisture and can easily be ripped. WP Cleaning Solutions, Inc highly suggest .20 polyethylene for the best results in your crawl space, with the poly barrier being placed around inner piers and coverage up exterior walls two feet. The cost difference in .6 mil and .20 mil will literally save you thousands in potential mold removal, damage, and energy savings. This will give your home superior protection from ground moisture and help preserve your homes structure from water damage and fungal growth. High moisture in the crawl space and high wood moisture also draws in pest, and as fugal growth begins to attack the wood it becomes prime conditions for termites and dust mites to thrive. Proper polyethylene barrier goes a long way to deter the allergens caused by fungal growth and pests. To prevent mold in your home, contact the experts at WP Cleaning Solution for a quote on a crawl space insulation today!