cache_947480153If something is worth buying, it’s usually worth taking care of. Nothing could be more true about your home. Sometimes people are hesitant to properly repair issues in their crawl space, either because of cost or they simply don’t understand the benefit of repairing or redesigning their crawlspace. We would say, you just can’t afford not to. It would be crazy to think of building your home without a proper roof or gutters to keep the rain out, yet thousands of homes exist without properly designed crawl spaces to keep the great amount of ground moisture form destroying them from underneath. Proper crawl space encapsulation has been proven to lower moisture readings below mold supporting levels, eliminating fungal growth, allergens, and mycotoxins. It conditions your home’s living areas drastically lowering allergens and irritants. It preserves your homes foundation from rot. Encapsulation reduces space conditioning energy on annual bases, saving home owners an estimated 15% to 20% in energy bills. Crawlspace encapsulation will also deter pests from living in your crawlspace and make it a usable, conditioned space for storage if room allows.

What Is Encapsulating A Crawlspace?

Encapsulating a crawlspace is the process of completing sealing your crawl space to protect it from exterior moisture and outside air temperature. When encapsulating a polyethylene vapor barrier is installed completely covering the floor and covering the walls and piers allowable by code. If there is existing drainage issues then a sump pump will be installed along with drain mats before the vapor barrier is installed and outside drainage issues must be resolved. Open vents along with any foundations cracks and holes are sealed and insulated. The crawlspace walls are insulated using a high energy-efficient thermal insulation board. Encapsulation also requires the air to be conditioned, ideally using a dehumidifier. Depending on each individual crawlspace other steps will need to be completed to adequately Encapsulate.

WP Crawlspace Encapsulation

WP Restoration highly recommends our top tier encapsulation system which will offer homeowners a superior shield against moisture, mold, water rot, and pests. Upon request WP Cleaning Solutions will come to your home and inspect your current crawlspace conditions. An inspection will be performed including but not limited to moisture readings of the air and wood, issues in energy loss, plumbing issues, HVAC issues, microbial growth, pest and rodent concerns, water drainage, etc. We provide the home owner with a full report with photos and a scope of work to redesign your homes crawlspace with a total cost estimate included. This system uses a 13 mil polyethylene vapor barrier to ensure the best, longest lasting coverage.  A dehumidifier is installed based on your homes needs to ensure ideal air conditions and a sump pump is installed if deemed necessary by the inspection.

To prevent mold in your home, contact the experts at WP Cleaning Solution for a quote on a crawl space encapsulation today!