aaron-about1Aaron Wollett, Owner/Operator – Aaron has lived in Wake Forest, NC since 1996.  He grew up with 1 older sister and 3 younger brothers.  He is currently finishing a B.S. in Biology from UNC-Chapel Hill.  He began working in the cleaning and restoration industry in 2010, and has a passion for quality and customer service.  Aaron’s hobbies are watching basketball, hunting, and training his Labrador retriever, Colt to retrieve waterfowl.

WP Cleaning Solutions, Inc. cleaners are hired after successful background checks. Our staff is fully trained and easily recognizable by its WP Cleaning Solutions, Inc. uniform. All our cleaners are under contract with WP Cleaning Solutions, Inc.

The WP Commitment

We started this mold remediation and prevention company to feed our passion of helping people; preserving their health, saving them money, and giving them a much needed peace of mind. We have been in this business long enough to see what is right with the microbial prevention and remediation business, and what is wrong with it.  WP Cleaning Solutions, Inc. is driven by a desire to efficiently execute the current methods in microbial prevention and treatment, while being dedicated to learning with the expanding education to bring our clients the best options possible. WP Cleaning Solutions Inc. not only has a great passion for microbial prevention and remediation; we have a greater passion for helping people, and we strongly believe that we have the team and the products to benefit any property owner. You never know when moisture may breach your property, but what you will know is that you have a barrier of protection; safeguarding your health, saving you money, and delivering that peace of mind. We value every client and know you will value our commitment to serving you.

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